5 Easy Steps To Protect Yourself From E-mail Spam

Electronic mail or email is one of the easiest ways to transmit and share information with others. However, it often happens that we get an email that offers us a product that we are not interested in, or a service that we do not need, and even a virus that comes with attachments. Fortunately, today there are many filters for such emails and all known email providers, including server software, contain applications / filters that fight against these emails.

However, every morning when we open the mail we see that we have spam in our inbox. Much of our online behavior contributes to this, and below we give you 5 steps to minimize spam.

1. Never leave your email address available on public

Wherever you can hide your email address from others: facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, deezer, etc. Make sure to do so. This will prevent two things:
      a) Your email address ends up in the hands of some spammer
      b) If you have a weak password, it makes it difficult to hack these accounts in the email or the service you signed up for.

2. Use current email addresses

There are many platforms that offer us to create email in just a few minutes or hours, thus preventing our mail from being in locations where it should not be. Example: you want to try a demo version of some software, but you are asked to leave your mail, or you want to download a free book, get a service, etc. Always use instant mail. If you like what you wanted to test, you can always register with your real mail.
  Example services that offer free instant email addresses: https://temp-mail.org/en/, https://tempail.com/en/, https://www.tempmailaddress.com/

3. Never reply to spam emails

Almost all emails come from unreliable sources. These sources can be hackers that aim to hack their victims’ computers. Never reply to spam as this will let you know that mail is active, which increases the chances of spam in your inbox.

4. Use anti-spam software

Anti-spam software is very advanced today and is getting better every day. There are many companies that base their business solely on the development and improvement of such software. Almost every antivirus software has an anti-spam add-on.

5. Be proactive

When you come across spam mail in your inbox mark it as spam. By doing so, you make it known to your security software, server, and email provider that this email address is not legitimate and is something that bothers you. The next time an email from that domain arrives, it will be automatically flagged as spam and will not appear in your inbox.

There are many ways to avoid spam, and one of the most important is to be careful about which emails you open. Always make sure that the mail comes from a known and trusted email address and does not look suspicious. If you suspect that the security of your server or the computer you are using has been compromised, please contact your technical support or company offering such services.

Kingdom Alliance is always at your disposal if you need help with a spam.

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