BH Startup: We are the Kingdom Alliance

Welcome to Kingdom Alliance! We are a startup software company that has acquired a respectable customer reference list in less than two years. Software for electronic councils and assemblies, e-Municipality with modules E-Record and E-Diaspora, CMS solutions for information portals, complete software solutions and online sales channels for insurance companies, CRM business solutions for managing customer bases, collaborative management communication software companies, numerous web solutions, website design and redesign, development of demanding websites with calculators and other software upgrades, android and IOS applications are just the beginning of our software story. – Amer Sikira, CEO

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Kingdom Alliance is a Bosnian startup story that created a reference in 48 months containing over 50 projects for business solutions, municipalities, cantons, financial services, media companies, travel agencies, insurance companies, manufacturing, distribution and representation companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region . Our business collaboration is based on “business and development fairplay.” Business fairplay guarantees that the client will get the best balance between the quality of the software and the price invested. We create payment and financial dynamics according to our client’s development and business. Fairplay collaboration protects the client from duplication of the software solution in the market, thus, guaranteeing a unique product, according to the client’s demand and need.

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Our development software collaboration, which is based on the principle of “development fairplay” that guarantees that everything our development team creates – is 100% client-owned, complete source code, working files, as well as educating customer and client administrators. For every software development, Kingdom Alliance offers one year of free customer support 24 hours a day. For each software delivered, complete documentation is provided to the client and education of the business team, sales team and other users of the system.

We have received a lot of support from Bosnian companies, over 80% of our clients are only a few kilometers away from our headquarters, so in the Bosnian business domain we are satisfied with the response of our businessmen, from Sarajevo, Kakanj, Visoko, Zenica, Banja Luka, Vitez, Bihac. Kalesije, Vogosce and other Bosnian cities. Each of our clients is a new business challenge, a developmental adventure, but also an obligation to preserve quality.

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After graduation, I got the opportunity to work as an intern at Kingdom Alliance. From day one I have been involved in the practical part, which includes planning, technical preparation, solution design, communication with the client, and delivery of the final product. The atmosphere, motivation and teamwork are what marked the Kingdom Alliance in the time I spend by learning about new techniques and technologies.

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In addition to maintaining systems, networks, applications and software, our company offers a marketing campaign with complete strategic and design solutions, from planning, design, development, competition analysis to publishing and communication with potential clients. The marketing segment at Kingdom Alliance is certainly the most complete and thorough in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wood centers, insurance companies, baucenters, agricultural cooperatives, local self-government units, public institutions, public companies, international financial houses are just some of the clients of our company.

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During the summer break, as a student at the Kingdom Alliance Summer School of Programming, with the support of my mentor, I began to apply my previous knowledge in practice and in real projects. I am currently working on a Customer Relationship Management project where I am working on front-end development including javascript as well as jQuery, Bootstrap frameworks and more.

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