offer outsourcing
We cover all the programming, design and strategic elements of your digital business.
Kingdom Alliance plans, creates, programs, analyzes, maintains and enhances your projects.
Complete development of websites, web and mobile applications and their development from idea to final product.
We have our own sales solutions, and we create custom and unique digital marketing for each of our clients.
We analyze, design, develop and test software solutions upon client’s request and need.
Programming, advanced web development, CMS, CRM, TMS, strategic planning and design in collaboration with you.

Kingdom Alliance is your
"one-stop" service

What can we do for you?
Custom-made programming

Our specialty is combination of code and business

CRM communication and sales management systems,
CMS content management systems,
TMS time management systems are some of our specialties.

Professional websites

Landing pages, web shops, event pages, "from scratch"

Creating personalized, recognizable and modern responsive websites
and their positioning on Google and other search engines.
Our team listens carefully and creates the web according to your business model.

Mobile and web applications

Always available, on all smart devices

The most effective communication channel on the market
Interactive, available on phones and other smart devices
Solutions for smart, innovative and quality business

Our values

Stable, software & design bh. company

Our cooperation with you has no hidden costs. We do not charge air.
Everything we develop and create is 100% owned by the client
We have over 100 references from reputable companies

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