How does the Kingdom Web Designing Process look like?

In the domain of web development, many topics can be analyzed from two aspects, development and user. In our Kingdom Blog, the focus of the published posts will be looking at all of the web topics from the perspective of the users, hence the Kingdom Alliance client. In the past name of our company, we have talked a lot about fair-play cooperation, and we have further strengthened that segment and focused on the benefits of our clients.

When you create a website, at first glance, everything seems very simple – you contact the developer, tell him what you want to create on the website and that’s it! Right here, we’re making a mistake and we’re going to a bad product together.

What is the solution? If we look from the perspective of the person who founded the company and cooperates in the market, is known for quality and good business practice, then we have to look at the web page in the digital world as everything that the company does needs to be digitized, summarized and professionally presented. Remember, every one of your savings in investing in digital presentation is visible (at least see the competition that will talk about the disadvantages).

A website is a place that represents the backbone of your business in the digital world. It is precisely the website that portrays the management, goals, mission, vision and strategy of the firm’s business in such a way that whole content is well-planned, designed and arranged to be easy to use and navigate on the company’s website.

If you go in the direction of deciding to just create your website, be careful because there are so many standards and unknowns – from research, map, wireframe, design, development, testing and commissioning. As well as feedback from users, clients, marketing, and eventually corrections.

We need to know many different things and areas in order to have a successful website, and in addition to quickly and expeditiously attract more people who participate in the process (client, developer, designer, etc.).

How does the Kingdom Alliance do it?

In our company, there is a person in the development team which combines all the processes into one, thus helping the client to find a solution quickly and easily. That person is a Project Manager who communicates with the Sales Director and the Development Director, coordinating the fulfillment of requirements, expectations, but also the highest quality technical solution. The project manager creates a detailed user story in which the information about the company’s goal in the digital world is elaborated, through competition, business environment, examples of desired websites, as well as suggesting functionalities that are acceptable to the client, etc. This process is very dynamic and requires a lot of experience and knowledge in various fields: entrepreneurship, marketing, psychology, user experience, technology, etc.

After creating a user story, the following is the process of creating a website at Kingdom Alliance:

  1. Creating a web site map – detailed elaboration of the content of the site, connection with the activities and projects of the client.
  2. Web site design – sketching the scheme and structure and draft layout of the web site design
  3. Website Design – A clear picture of how a website should look, structurally and aesthetically. Harmonization of the client company brand with the design of the website as well as preparing for the development of functionality.
  4. Website development – merging all the previous stages of the process, map, structure, design with the functionality of the website. This phase is the programming and development phase. Development is periodically presented to the client in scrum sprints in order to make a correction or change at some stage. Finally, the page is filled with content, text, images, links, etc.).
  5. Testing – the stage of checking the design, development, structure, SEO optimization as well as preparation for the launch of the site in the “ether”.
  6. Deploy – the stage of placing a page from a development link (in which the client has constant insight at every stage) to a “live” link, ie official release.

All processes require constant interaction between project manager, client and production. The Kingdom Alliance has made many reference projects in its reference list in which the client has participated and finalized successful projects in the most positive way in practice.

We invite you to the Kingdom Alliance. Contact us.

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