What should every website created by KIngdom Alliance have?

First of all, the website must be professional and practical, no matter what the business is.

It should include the information needed by customers to call you, visit your office, or order the product and service you want. But let’s start at the beginning. The website must primarily fit into the visual identity of your business. Modern website design should keep users on it. It should also contribute to the development of your business so that it enhances your credibility and image of the company and generates more traffic even when the purchase is not made directly online. In order to do this, there are several factors to consider when designing a website: modern design, good website structure, responsive design, positive user experience, quality text and visual content and SEO optimization.

Modern design

The first impression is important and you have only one opportunity to make it and not so much time, and in the entrepreneurial world, time is money. Specifically, research has shown that people need only 10 seconds to evaluate whether or not they like the website they just visited. So the function of modern design is to capture and hold the attention of the visitor within those 10 seconds.

Responsive design

Since about 30-50% of your visitors browse your web site through mobile devices, it is very important that it be customizable to display on your site. Responsive design includes a number of techniques that are used when designing a website so that its appearance can be adapted to all screens. The ability to customize the website to all screens has become a standard today due to the increasing use of smart phones and tablets when browsing the Internet.

Clear structure

Before creating a website, it is necessary to define the structure of the website. If you are confused by the name of the structure of the website, you can interpret it as a definition of navigation. The basic structure of the website consists of the following pages: Home, About Us, Services or Products, News, Contact.


The home page is the first page that visitors to your site see. Therefore, great attention is paid to the look and functionality of the home page. It summarizes the most important information about your business such as a logo, a short company description, featured products / services / references, an online call-to-action form (“Contact Us”), featured news and contact information.

About us

The About Us page is reserved for the presentation of your business. Introduce yourself as a company to your potential clients and make sure you clearly highlight the activities you are doing. It would certainly be a good idea to state what your mission or goal is for your business. People like to find out who is behind a particular brand or company, so it would be a good idea to brief your team. To make the best impression on your prospective clients, include reviews from your past clients.

Services or Products

Some parts of the website structure depend on the type of business. While it is important for some companies to highlight services, to others in their interest is to present their products or both. No matter what the site is about, information about what your company has to offer should be found. If you need to add or change content related to services or products frequently, you are advised to consider implementing a CMS system to independently add and update content on the website when designing the website.


While the benefits of posting new content on the site are well known in the world, many entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina are still unfamiliar with it. We at Kingdom Alliance advise all of our clients to integrate news feed modules into the website for one simple reason: generating website traffic. The more traffic to your site, the greater the opportunity for visitors to become customers.


The contact page contains all the contact information of the company with a map and location.

  • Quality text and image content
    A good website, in addition to a modern responsive design with a clear structure, is complemented by quality text and image content. As mentioned before, people evaluate within 10 seconds whether or not they will remain using your site. If it does not visually attract them within those 10 seconds, they will not reach the information section. That is why it is important that text and image content are of equal quality because they complement each other and are important for SEO optimization.

  • SEO optimization
    SEO optimization involves a number of techniques by which the web page is optimized to appear as much as possible within the search results of relevant search engines. In short, you should technically make sure you are loved by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Once the technical SEO is satisfied, it comes to the content that needs to be original and include keywords related to your business. Text content should never be copied from another website, as search engines will penalize you for that.

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